GOODS OF WPC MATERIAL / Find out what benefits the wood-plastic composite material will bring you

WoodPlastic® terraces are made of WPC material – wood-plastic composite, a mixture of quality wood and a completely safe HDPE polymer. The optimum ratio is giving the material unique properties, especially high durability and low maintenance need.  Compared to wood WPC brings many advantages.

Decking with warranty up to 25 years 

Outstanding quality – extra long warranty

We care about the quality of our products. Thanks to advanced technology licensed by the corporation Strandex® we are developing premium products,  that last almost without any maintenance and changing its look for years. The long life of our products is being proved by many years of use in industrial tests.  Therefore we are not afraid of offering a warranty of 25 on wood-decaying fungus, rot and insects. 

European quality decking 

Terrace wood planks and fences WoodPlastic® standing out by their resistance.

They are resistant under normal weather conditions – rain, snow, frost and UV sun flare. They are also resistant against chlorine and salty water. Therefore don’t worry about a terrace near to your pool. In the foreign countries our materials are often being near to moles etc… The surface is slip resistant – means ideal choice for you pool. U will also appreciate the terrace resistance against wood-destroying fungus, rot and insects.

Low maintenance decking

Easy maintaince of our terraces saves your money and time.

There is no need for painting, staining or impregnating in any other way of our full profile Woodplastic® terrace and fence planks. Without any further treatment of the surface the planks remain colorfast, doesn’t change their form or sit down. The only maintenance needed is cleaning regular dirt by a stream of water or regular cleaners.

Decking without splinters

WoodPlastic terraces are safe for you and your children.

The surface of our terraces is anti-slip even when wet. U don’t have to worry about splinters – on terraces made of composite material are due to the unique technology no splinters possible, which on the other side on wooden terraces u the possibility of splinters is always.  This will be appreciated not only by families with small children. Hidden anchoring also ensures a smooth surface without any risk of injury from screws, which are normally used at the installation of terraces.

Eco-friendly decking woodplastic 

WoodPlastic terraces and fences are being offered in many designs and colours.

There is something for everyone in our offer. We present elegant clean lines and natural wood look. In any case your WoodPlastic terrace or fence will keep its  look wonderful for many years. The look and feel reminds of natural materials. They keep their wonderful look and color for many years.

Decking made in the Czech republic

WoodPlastic products are being made in the heart of Europe – Czech Republic

Because we are also the producers ( not only reseller ), we are compared to other dealers much more flexible – u can choose for example products of other then standard length as well as u can discuss any other issue and question with us individually.

Low maintenance decking 

Without costs

Because our terraces are almost maintenance free, there are no maintenance costs, which considered in many years will save a lot of your money. Woodplastic® terraces and fences are therefore a good investment into the future.

Eco-friendly decking woodplastic

WoodPlastic is considerate to the environment.

The Material which we use for the production of our terraces is 100% recyclable. Recyclable WPC material and zero chemical maintenance needed for your product is making the WoodPlastic products an environment friendly option.