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  • Czech production - US technology

    Czech production - US technology

    We use one of the most advanced technology for manufacturing of WPC products in the world - american STRANDEX technology.

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  • We make your dreams about a terrace come true

    We make your dreams about a terrace come true

    Our mission is to build terraces and fences, that our customers dream about. WoodPlastic products, it is the perfect quality of technological implementation and innovative design.

Who are we and what are we doing?

Our corporation WPC – WOODPLASTIC a.s. is a leading Czech manufacturer of unique products made of WPC material, licensed under Strandex Corporation. With several years of work in the field of imported WPC products from foreign countries we can declare ourselfs as pioneers in the introduction of Czech customers in WPC-terraces and fences.  We produce and sell full premium planks of the WPC-Material ( WOOD-PLASTIC COMPOSITE, containing 60 % wood and 40 % quality HDPE) in many designs, sizes and colors. Our products are exceptional by their durability, high quality, perfect design and almost no need of maintenance.


Short history of the company

We have several years of experience as importers of WPC products from abroad. We’ve become pioneers in sales of this durable product on the Czech market and introduction of Czech customers in WPC terraces and fences.

During 6 years on the Czech market we realised more than 80,000 square meters of terraces in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to several years of selling and installing of WPC terraces and fences we have extensive knowledge and experiences in the WPC products and meterial. Further development of the company, we are constantly expanding the number of our customers and positive experiences with the durability and resistance of the WPC material has led us to the decision of becoming an independent Czech manufacturer of the composite WPC material. The increasing demands for our product are not being recieved just from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also from our neighbor countries.

Autumn 2013 in Bukovany we installed one of the most advanced technology for manufacturing of WPC products in the world. Therefore we decided to build with the help of our longlife proved partner, Amrican Strandex Corporation, a new Factory in Bukovany in central Bohemia. The Strandex Corporation has become the provider of our manufacturing technology and license. Strandex is the market leader of the development and production of WPC technology, it’s got a rich history and proven product. Autumn 2013 we build up in Bukovany the most advanced Strandex technology for development of WPC products in Europe. In October 2013 a trial production has been started.

Currently, we are one of the biggest Czech producers of terraces and fences made of WPC Material. We have the technology, that is proved by more than 20 years of use all over the world and at the same time its outputs are being used by customers from all corners of the world for many years.

Thanks to this modern, laser-guided technology we can offer our customers a high quality and precise manufacturing, a whole spectrum of colors and surfaces of terraces and fences WoodPlastic and in the future more and more new designs and colors of WPC products. We will keep searching for opportunities of new ways how to use WPC products – such as cladding and others…

Thanks to our own technology and know-how and years of experience working with WPC products we can offer our customers an exceptional warranty – 25 years on wood-decaying fungus, rot and insects.


Our mission is to build terraces and fences, that our customers dream about. WoodPlastic products, it is the perfect quality of technological implementation (which shows the long-time durability ) + innovative design + near to zero maintenance requirement = terrace / fence of your dreams.


We will become a leader in the production and sales of WPC products not only in Czech Republic and neighbor countries, but also in the European context and thereby the first choice of the customers. We will continue to profile ourselves into a significant, stable and prosperous company with a source of competitiveness in quality and innovation. WoodPlastic will become a valuable mark in European gauge.


  1. The source of competitiveness is and always will be technological quality, high functionality of our products and professionalism in all what we do.
  2. Our goal is and always will be the satisfaction of the customer. Because we develop the products ourself we can always react to the wishes of the customer with specific products and their designs.
  3. We are focusing on a complex procedural attitude and assistance to our customers.
  4. Our position on the Market is given by a continuously forming network of high quality, reliable and proven certified partners.


Most important for us is a satisfied customer, which gets for his money an adequate value.
Therefore we go towards his wishes and needs.
Technology and quality
Our technological know-how and high quality of every single product.
Perfect balance in between functionality and design.
High utility value.
Certified partners
We establish reliable partners that won’t disappoint our customers.
We work on a win-win principle.
We care about the environment
We care about our planet; therefore we use a technology, that can handle recyclable resources.
We save our forests. Our production is friendly to the environment.
Our products are 100% recyclable.