PRODUCTION / What is WOOD-PLASTIC COMPOSITE ( WPC ) MATERIAL and all about WPC production technology

  • <h2>Manufacturing directly in the Czech Republic</h2>

    Manufacturing directly in the Czech Republic

    Directly in Czech Republic we are using the patented manufacturing technology, licensed by the Strandex corporation, USA. The technology is proven by Strandex partners all over the world. This technology is being used since more than 20 years and its products are being sold to customers in countries with different climatic conditions.

  • Proven Licence by Strandex, USA

    Proven Licence by Strandex, USA

    The american Strandex corporation is the leader in developement and production of WPC technology. On the market since the 90s of the 20th century. Its implementation can be found all over the world. Itself the corporation declares that it uses "200 years of experience " of its team of experts.

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  • High quality WPC material

    High quality WPC material

    The secret of the quality of our products is in the production of the WPC material itself ( wood-plastic composite , made of 60% wood and 40% HPDE ). The most active ingredients and the right proportion of wood, polymer and other additives is one of the most crucial steps in the manufacture of high quality WoodPlastic boards.

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The WPC material:

wood fibers - 60 %
+ HDPE (+ additives )- 40 %
Wood-plastic composite or WPC is a composite material made of wood and polymer, in this case 60 % wood fibers and 40 % HDPE. Biggest advantage and purpose of using WPC material is, that it retains the best properties of wood (it’s nice to touch, got a natural look) and at the same time it eliminates its problems (cracking, splinters, graying). Compared to wood it does not have to be impregnated or painting or be treatened on the surface!

An important factor in the quality of the material is the use of polymer HDPE –  High Density Polyethylene. Thanks to this the material gets the wishing properties and still looks like wood. Composite materials have been enlarged thanks to mastering of the technology since the start of the production in the 90s of the last century and its popularity is growing ever since.

SHORT: What production technology do we use and what is it for

Many years of positive experience selling products produced by Strandex technology and its uncommon quality has inspired us to establish our own production in Czech Republic. For the production of our products we use a technology patented by the American Strandex Corp., which is the leader in the field of involving and manufacturing of WPC technology. In the year 2013 we started the production in Czech Republic. See more in the following video.

Our products – nowadays terrace and fence planks (including accessories – carriers and ledges), are solely made in Czech Republic. Part of the manufacturing process is the produciton of WPC wood-plastic composite, which the final product is made of. This allows us to influence the quality of the products from the beginning by using the best ingredients.

Own manufacturing allows us to offer our customers, compared to other WPC product vendors alot of benefits. We can offer higher quality, accuracy and flexibility of production, 6 years of of experience installations of WPC materials and a whole spectrum of colours and surfaces of our products, that wil expand into new types and colours. Thanks to the proven technology and uncommon WPC material we offer a warranty of 25 year against wood-destroying fungus, rot and insects. 

LICENCE STRANDEX: „200 years of experience“ and „100 000 miles of boards“ all over the world

To produce our products we use a production technology licensed by the Strandex corporation, which has a rich history. Strandex Corp. is on the US-market since the 90s of the 20th century. They are focusing on production of the technology for manufacturing of WPC materials. Mostly its terraces, fences, sidings, windows etc… Their technology is constantly evolving and improving.

Now we have on of the most advanced WPC technology on the world cotrolled by a laser system.

Strandex itself declares, that they use for the development of its technology more then “ 200 years of experience “  by their experts. The quality of their technology is proved by the fact, that during 20 years on the market the holders of their licence made more then 100 000 miles of terrace boards made of WPC ( wood + HDPE ). This boards are being used till now by families and companys all over the world: “ It’s enough to make them rotate 4 times the globe „, says the representative of Strandex corporation.
Products, which are the products made by their technology are being sold worldwide and therefor have been testet in various climatic regions – from the Arabian mountain to the rainforests for Brazil.

Production technology

Generally the principle of manufacture is  in conjuction of wood fibers or wood flour with polymer HDPE. Two more materials are entering the bonding of the two substrates –  but they are virtually unnoticeable and help the binding of these two materials. Another mixture is ofcourse some colours and pigments that help to the final look of the WPC material. The binding process extruding  – extrusion + compression – is being made in high temperatures. The final form is made by compressing the produced material through a nozzle and cooling.

The big question is, what combination of what materials are the best for the quality and durability. That’s the part of the patents and a long research and development. The quality of the final products can be abysmal.